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Our Story

Our Story

How do we make our baby foods?
If only we had the time and energy, most of us would make most or all of our little one's food from scratch. That’s why, here at Heinz Baby, we try to make all our foods as close to homemade as we can. We use as few ingredients as possible and try to stick to the ones you have in your cupboard at home. Read on to find out more about how the Heinz Baby products you buy are made.

Our ingredients are wholesome and nutritious
We carefully choose all our ingredients and recipes to provide your little one with lots of essential goodness. Ingredients are picked, packed, and delivered with care to our baby food facilities. Our team ensures that both texture and flavour consistently meet our high standards, and lovingly taste test every recipe.


Our recipes
We have the perfect blend of professional expertise and mom smarts. We know how important it is to develop healthy eating habits early on in life and strive to make every meal as yummy as it is good for your baby's tummy. With every recipe, we make sure that the texture is right for your baby's developmental stage and that specific nutritional requirements are met during these wonderful growth years. Love and care go into everything we do. Your baby will taste the results and, as a parent, you'll notice it too!


Our fruits, vegetables and meals are gently cooked
Water and the best ingredients are gently heated and blended to ensure we get the right consistency and flavour in our products for babies. All our jars and pouches are filled and sealed before cooking to lock in all the delicious flavours, preventing the need for preservatives. So, every time you feed your baby, you know they're getting nothing but the finest we have to offer.

Our cereals are steam cooked and gently blended with flavours
Our flours are first mixed with water, steam-cooked and then dried to make flakes. Other ingredients like milk powder, fruits, vegetables, and our blend of vitamins and minerals, essential to your baby’s development, are then added before packaging to seal in the taste and nutrients.

What do the little icons on our packs mean?
You’ve probably noticed the icons on our packs. Want to know more? Here’s a quick guide to help you.

We offer a complete range of products to support your baby’s nutritional needs, starting with baby food for weaning, through to 12+ months with toddler foods, and on to Little Kids cereals and snacks for 1-4 year olds. Colour-coded and clearly labelled, the Heinz Staging System has been developed so that our products match the changing tastes and textures your baby likes, with the proper nutrition required for growth and development.

As your baby moves through the Heinz Staging System, continue to serve from each previous stage for a varied and balanced diet. You’ll find more information about each of these stages as you go through the site.


The Heinz Purity Assurance Seal on every pack guarantees that each product is triple-tested for quality, safety and nutrition.

All ingredients are carefully inspected, tested and prepared. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or modified starches are added to Heinz Baby Food. All foods are cooked to precise temperatures in their own juices to capture all of their nutrients and taste along with the right texture for your baby. Each jar is vacuum-packed to ensure product quality and safety.