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Our Story
How do we make our baby foods?

Baby food like you would make
Making food from nature, close to homemade, is the Heinz by Nature way. That’s why we have options that are made with organic, natural ingredients and acerola cherry.


Simple Processes
It all starts with really great ingredients. Picked fresh, packed with care, and prepared simply: we wash, chop, heat, and purée. Sound familiar? The next best thing to homemade.


High Standards
Feeding is a time of joy. The right food can make for the best experience. That’s why our team at Heinz nitpicks over textures and flavours, making sure all is consistent, nutritious, and delicious for every stage of development.


Just the Good Stuff
You wouldn’t add sugar or artificial preservatives to your baby food, neither do we. We use natural ingredients and acerola cherry. Our products have no added salt and sugar, and are free from artificial preservatives.


What do the little icons on our packs mean?

Choices you can feel good about

All of our products have been carefully created to match the changing tastes and textures that are right for your baby’s age.

The Heinz Staging System can help you choose what’s best for your baby's current and upcoming stage. As your baby moves through the System, continue to serve from the previous stage, then integrate the next.

Every pack guarantees that each product is triple-tested for quality, safety, and nutrition.

All ingredients are carefully inspected, tested, and prepared. No artificial preservatives, or modified starches are added to Heinz Baby Food. All foods are cooked to precise temperatures to capture all of their nutrients and taste, along with the right texture for your baby.